A bright future when having Messi

Barcelona did not follow in Real Madrid’s footsteps to leave the prestigious Champions League playground, because there was Messi on the field.

It was the 23rd minute of the match. Receiving the ball from outside the box, Messi passed the ball through two players, while facing the third Napoli player in front, from behind, the second person cut him down.

Messi fell for the first time. Then less than a second, Messi got up from behind to continue running. He fell for the second time when he lost his turret. At that moment, he did not forget to trim the ball to the far corner between the 4th and 5th bridge in front of him.

When Ospina’s net vibrated. All found up to 7 white shirts in the penalty area. All were silent before that goal. Genius! That is the only thing I can say after that ball.

Messi’s ball
If you are in a hurry to see the swing, you may miss 2 points in the beauty of Messi through that goal. On the first fall, it was a foul. That means Messi just needs to lie there, not trying to get up to dribble or keep running, the referee whistle will sound, and he will have a penalty. Everything is easy, much simpler.

However, Messi does not need to know if it is the 16.5 m area or the center circle, Messi just crawls to run. What’s going on? Messi purely does not care about fouls, much less the rules of modern football, when the player falls in the penalty area, he will raise his hands to the sky and wait for the whistle or a check. VAR to safely pocket 11 m fruit bags.

Messi only knows he has the opportunity, the ability, the ability to stand up and of course he can also take the ball to score. He is the beauty of football, a beauty that is not practical, reminiscent of us from the age of 9 to 10 on home football fields. There was no referee, no VAR, no pressure to win, just the joy in the eyes to touch the ball.

The second beauty is the second fall. Simply losing the turret, but in a position parallel to the ground, his eyes still see the gap between the two central defenders, and his legs are still good to chattering at the far corner of the goal powerless goalkeeper Ospina.

That is the beauty of genius legs. A genius always knows how to score spectacular goals. It all came together in less than 10 short seconds, to define him as Lionel Messi.

Barca in the mistakes from the transfer stage, the strategy, the coach to the backstage scandals, what have they done? They threw the boat with the hole in it for Messi to sit and heal. Messi just kept doing it, not complaining, opinion, because he loves football. Because his eyes light up when he sees the ball, even if the ball is in the 16.5m area that belongs to someone else, he is falling on the field.

The genius of Messi is constantly advancing, spectacularly and brilliantly, captivating football lovers of the dry era. The genius is also human, sometimes fail, fall, sometimes helplessness is evident in every silent stroke of the beard and the home team is crushed in the midst of pressure from Roma and Liverpool in two full comeback obsess.

However, that genius also has early mornings like today. Sublimated and passionate to let fans see the goal he scored and be smiling like he was 9, 10.