Arsenal knocked out Ozil probably because of China

Mesut Ozil appears to have been eliminated from the Premier League and Europa League listings by coach Mikel Arteta because of Arsenal‘s commercial interests in China.

According to the Daily Mail (UK), the source of the attack was Ozil’s criticism of the Muslim community on December 13, 2019. He said the Muslim community was silent about the Chinese “persecution” of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. Ozil is German of Turkish descent, and is also a Muslim.

Three days later, China’s CCTV channel canceled the broadcast of the Arsenal and Man City match without giving a reason. Arsenal then released a statement confirming Ozil’s actions were completely personal and unrelated to the club.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Canh Shuang condemned Ozil, claiming he was deceived by fake news. The midfielder in 1988 was removed from the Chinese game Pro Evolution Soccer, while his Weibo account with more than four million followers was also closed.

Daily Mail sources said, Ozil did not directly mention but knew that Arsenal’s recent decision was to protect commercial interests in the Chinese market. He wrote on his personal page on October 21, the day after receiving news of being removed from the Premier League registration: “When I renew my 2018 contract, I always pledge my loyalty to the club. which I love, Arsenal But sadly that has not been reciprocated.However, I can promise you that this decision will not shake my mind. I will always train as hard as possible. and use their influence to restore justice and fight inhumaneity.

China is a lucrative market for English Premier League clubs, including Arsenal. Here, the club owns a chain of restaurants, as well as partners with lottery firms, providing transportation …

However, they did not admit this, and insisted that the decision to remove Ozil was purely professional. Coach Mikel Arteta said: “Here everyone has the right to speak their feelings. I feel very gentle when making the above decision. I have always been very fair with Ozil and the frequency of communication between me and you. I have been brought here to help the team win, win trophies and achieve short, medium and long term goals If I believe that Ozil can contribute more to the club then he Absolutely the same opportunity as anyone “.