European Football and The $ 1 Billion Question

The Bundesliga, Premier League and Serie A are returning but many tournaments have announced cancellation of results this season. The question is, how long will the damage done by European football and how much it cost?

Cancellation and discontent

The world used to face many diseases. However, no disease has affected sports in general and football in particular. For Europe, where there are attractive football tournaments and is watched by the world, only the Belarusian league still takes place during the pandemic. Top leagues such as Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A or Bundesliga have all been halted.

In the Netherlands, the Eredivisie tournament has the option of canceling the tournament, with no champions, no teams relegated or promoted. Ajax and Cambuur are the two teams leading the Dutch league 1 and 2, feeling the most dissatisfied with the Dutch Football Association’s decision. Either way, they will have to start over again next season.

The French football federation has a different approach, but that does not prevent discontent. They canceled Ligue 1 with the decision that the champions were PSG, the places for European Cup or relegation and promotion were selected based on their current position before the tournament stopped.

Financial problem

Ligue 1 or Eredivisie easily canceled because their value is not high. Clubs or tournaments organizations can still live well. What they are dissatisfied with is more about club performance rather than financial factors. But, the story of the Premier League is different.

In theory, broadcasters pay royalties to the Premier League and the Organizing Committee is responsible for distributing them to the clubs. If the Premier League cancels in round 29, they will have to pay back the royalties of 9 rounds. But in fact, that money has been used in many different activities. Specifically the salary of the players. Premier League and clubs will not be able to refund because they no longer have money. Bringing the tournament back to the pitch without an audience is the best option for them to minimize their financial losses.