FA Cup: The ultimate romance in pragmatic football world (part 2)

In the first season of the Football League, Preston North End won the championship with a huge gap: 11 points, equivalent to 17 points according to the current 3-point-1-win calculation. Tournaments don’t have much competition, as no team has to be relegated.

Preston was not then awarded a championship trophy. But when they were crowned at the FA Cup that same year, a huge celebration took place with the trophy being honored. Moving to 2020 is the stark contrast.

Bayern dominated the Bundesliga for eight consecutive seasons. PSG crowned Ligue 1 in 7 of the last 8 seasons.

The majority of domestic tournaments involving these teams are no longer dramatic. It has been almost possible to predict the champions of three of Europe’s top 5 leagues in recent years.

Such non-competitive tournaments are largely the result of financial inequality and will only be addressed with financial reforms. But it is indeed a distant dream.

And when the fans were so fed up with the national leagues, they started looking for trophy tournaments, where there was still a lot of interesting surprises and not the richest teams would naturally be crowned.

Although there are still many big men who have won the national league double and the cup championship, the trophy champion is not always the strongest team. Juventus, PSG and Bayern can both kick and rest while they can win the Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga titles, but they do not completely dominate the national cup.

Champions League, World Cup, EURO, Copa America and CAN are all the most exciting tournaments in the world. But they can only be knocked out in the back section and still have one group stage remaining. It is difficult to predict the champions of these tournaments, but nonetheless there are not as many surprises as the national cup tournaments.

And that’s why so many people still love cup tournaments like the FA Cup. Neither Chelsea nor Arsenal are the strongest teams in England at the moment. But they are the finalists after overcoming Premier League champions Liverpool and Man City. FA Cup matches are always unpredictable and contain more surprises than a tournament with 38 rounds.

In the coming years, major tournaments will face an existential question. When Bayern Juventus and PSG win 10, 15 or 20 league titles, will their tournaments attract TV viewers?

By then, perhaps the European Super League will be put into operation. This could be a sad but inevitable solution to making tournaments more competitive, for both separatists and those left behind.

There have been many reform attempts at many football leagues around the world but until the right solution comes in, cup tournaments remain the best hope for football fans who love surprises and drama. count.

Those who still love the romance of the FA Cup should honor its values ‚Äč‚Äčinstead of mourning the past. Will the strongest team win the championship? No, the miracle is that the strongest team can still lose.