Historical events of English football for 150 years (1863-2013)

In 2013, the Football Association will celebrate its 150th anniversary, which is also the first football federation in the world. On January 15, 2863, the federation was officially established, football also began to be played widely and later became more professional.

On October 26, 1863, the FA used the logo of 3 lions to represent the image. The 3 Lions 2013 badge is made of gold to show the nobility in the great celebration.

Since its inception up to now, FE has experienced 150 years of existence and development. A long way has seen many ups and downs, the glories mixed with the bitterness of the teams or big names in England.

1863 – The English Football Association met its first meeting at Freemason’s Tavern, England on October 26 to discuss general rules, elect the league secretary and draft the first 13 rules of football.

1872 – The first FA Cup qualifier started with 15 teams participating, Wanderers was the first team to win the championship. This year the England team had their first international match, drawing 0-0 with Scotland.

1873 – England had their first international match at home, beating Scotland 4-2, William Kenyon-Slaney (2 goals), Alexander Bonsor and Charles Chenery were the players from England to score.

1877 – Incorporate the team rules of the Sheffield, London and Mixed three teams.

1955 – Duke of Edinburgh becomes president of the FA.

1981 – Bert Millichip becomes FA President, holding the position for 15 years.

1992 – Football Premier League Premier League was held for the first time.

2006 – Prince of England William becomes the honorary president of the FA.

2008 – David Beckham becomes the fifth player to hit the 100-match mark for England.

2010 – Chairman Lord Triesman was forced to resign after accusing Spain and Russia of attempting to bribe referees during World Cup 2010. Meanwhile at the 2018 World Cup election race , The FA ashamed to receive only two votes, Russia won this case.

2012 – After more than 50 years of separation, at last, the countries of the United Kingdom finally stood together in the same color.

2012 – Steven Gerrard becomes the sixth player to hit the 100-match mark.

2013 – 150 year FA anniversary celebration at Connaught Room, London.