History of football in the United Kingdom

The birthplace of football is called great Britain. This is a controversial issue: football originated on the basis of ball games that were distributed in different countries. Such games existed in Ancient China, Ancient Sparta, and Ancient Rome.

But great Britain is undoubtedly the birthplace of modern football-a game that is familiar to the entire civilized world and is considered the most popular in most countries. It was the British who created the unified rules of football, formed the Football Association and laid the tradition of tournaments. And only thanks to the British, this game has become so widespread around the world. But about everything in order.

The British have been playing with the ball since the middle Ages. People gathered in the streets, city squares, vacant lots and organized tournaments. Games often turned into fights and carnage. Representatives of the Church, merchants, feudal lords and authorities were against this tradition. In the 14th century, king Edward III of England banned the game, using the term “football” for the first time in history, which then spread around the world. Football was not forgotten, it continued to be played in secret, but only in the early 17th century, the British authorities lifted the ban on football.

At first, football was considered a plebeian game, unworthy of aristocrats. But gradually the game penetrated to the higher strata of society. In the 19th century, football was already common among the aristocracy, it was played mainly at universities: competitions were arranged between colleges. Football soon caught up with cricket, the most popular team game in Victorian England.

Each British College had its own rules of the game. It was ridiculous: in some teams, the number of players was limited,while in others, everyone was recruited. In 1846, the British tried to create uniform rules of football. The Cambridge players arranged a meeting with other schools and, after eight hours of negotiations, adopted the so-called “Cambridge rules”. Later, based on this document, the rules of the Football Association of England were created.

In 1857, the first Sheffield football club appeared in the English city of Sheffield. This oldest club in the world is still active. A few years later, the club released a brochure with detailed rules of the game, which already in many ways resembled modern ones, with one important exception – the ball could still be held in the hands. This date can be considered the birthday of modern football.

In 1863, the world’s oldest football Association was founded in England. Its participants discussed and supplemented the rules: the parameters of the playing area, the definition of offside, the permissibility of various techniques-sweeps, trips, grabs. At the first meeting, the majority voted against running with the ball in their hands: finally, this ban appeared in the football rules.