Interesting facts about England football overall

In England, football has always been seen as a national identity. It embodies the spirit and position of this country in the world. Football is always a hot topic of discussion, which at times brings both joy and regret for me and the English people.

The history of English football

There is a carved image of a ball game near the medieval city of Bristol. And the first soccer boots belonged to King Henry VIII. And this king made a pair for his collection in 1526.

In the beginning, football was a rather violent sport compared to today. In the Middle Ages, athletes mostly broke their arms or legs during competition. However, in the past few decades, football has evolved from a rough sport to a sport of speed and technology. It attracts the participation of highly qualified players.

Football’s growth also reflected the social change that took place in England. In the 70s and 80s of the last century, football fans and police both loved violence. This is a result of non-industrial processes and rising unemployment in the economy. Now, the football fields from Cambridge to Bournemouth also become more attractive.

Cause of the British football team loss

Vibrant debates broke out in pubs across the country over the reasons for losing penalty shoot-outs against the Germans. It is thought that since the English Premier League was founded in 1992, television companies have made billions of pounds from buying the rights to broadcast. Instead of sharing the profits, however, private companies began buying up local clubs and hiring foreign players to increase the appeal of English football. As a result, football is no longer sponsored by the people and no longer attracts local talent.

Conflicts in English football history

Until recently, the British people were quite delusional about the classic matches against big teams like Germany and Brazil. Sounds funny, right because they are all teams on a completely different level. The match is considered balanced when facing the Scottish, the legendary rival of the British. This is also the oldest rival in English football history.

Football has become a cultural feature in England

The golden generation of English football can include players like Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard or the legendary Beckham, though now over. But on back-to-school football fields across the UK, kids and their parents still play football every week as a habit. Cup F.A is where underdogs have the opportunity to play with Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United and amateurs have the opportunity to make their name in English football history. This adds to the love of football for the English people.