MU pay price if having absence from the Champions League

It is considered a mandatory task for coach Solskjaer, if he wants MU to invest more strongly in the new season.

The 2-2 draw against Southampton in the previous round made MU lose the advantage in the top race. With the 3rd place Chelsea are 4 points more than Leicester and MU (Chelsea has 63 points but played more than one ), “Red Devils” may only compete with Leicester for the last place in the Champions League.

Even if you fail to enter the top 4 Premier League 2019/20, MU also has the opportunity to attend the Champions League if you win the Europa League arena this season.

However, coach Ole Solskjaer understands the pressure then for him and his students will be extremely great. The Europa League is a cup tournament and in football, it is not always possible for the stronger team to win.

Promise with investor
In February, the Manchester United board assured investors that their team would qualify for the Champions League next season.

The red half of Manchester this season plays in the Europa League, which makes the revenue of the team decline. In the 2019 financial report, MU’s revenue dropped to 67 million pounds (statistics from Deloitte) compared to the same period last year, of which the absence in the Champions League is the biggest cause.

“Red Devils” lost about 50 million pounds of TV royalties and bonuses because they could not attend the number one European club arena.

Of course, within the past half decade, MU has to play in the Europa League instead of the Champions League (2016/17 season). A global brand with a great attraction like MU still copes with that prospect in the short term.

However, in the past 3 decades, MU has never had 2 consecutive seasons without attending the Champions League.

Invested strongly before the 2016/17 season, coach Jose Mourinho helped MU to win the Europa League at the end of the season, thereby preventing the financial crisis that could occur with the team.

Earlier, in the 2011/12 season, MU also attended the Europa League but quickly returned in the next season.

MU owner, the Glazer family always consider attending the Champions League as a prerequisite to assess the ability of the coach. Every coach who has coached United since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013 has survived the Champions League qualification. Without it, they were fired immediately.

In the MU contract signed with the sponsor in 2015, the amount of sponsorship for the club’s £ 75 million shirt / season will be reduced to £ 25 million / season if they do not attend the Champions League that season.

US owners will feel their money is seriously threatened if MU has a second consecutive season without Champions League.

They used to do everything to prevent that scenario. The ten-month reign of David Moyes at MU ended in 48 hours, since the team management knew they were no longer able to compete for Champions League qualification next season.

Louis van Gaal was once a coach respected by the Glazer family as well as Vice Chairman Ed Woodward. The senior strategist of Dutch football was in position in the first season for putting MU in the top 4.

In the next season, the former Barca coach was fired when MU finished in fifth place in the Premier League, although he helped MU to thirst the title with the FA Cup championship.

Jose Mourinho was even more impressive, helping MU for two consecutive years in the Champions League, but was fired in December 2018, after the start of the bad season that the club’s owners believed only miracles would help. This team plays in the Champions League at the end of the season. MU finished sixth in the Premier League 2018/19 season.