Premier League 2020: The beautiful chaos of English football

English football continues to prove why they are always the most attractive arena in the world. Although Liverpool won the championship early, the top 4 race was extremely intense with the presence of nearly a dozen clubs. M.U with overwhelming head-to-head record was tortured by Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-finals. Meanwhile, Tottenham has run out of hope in the top 4 that can still crush Leicester.

Money creates motivation

The story of the fierce competition of English football has long been a topic of worldwide concern. Money creates a powerful incentive, and the Premier League has always been ahead of other tournaments in how money is distributed effectively.

Years ago, the Premier League became the most attractive tournament on the planet thanks to its fair distribution of TV royalties. This allows the weakest, poorest teams of the tournament to receive a 1: 1.6 payoff over the strongest teams. The worst team also receives 62.5% of the strongest team.

While in that period in La Liga or Serie A, the giant teams received a dozen times more share than the weak teams. And when La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 all learn together in the Premier League about how to divide royalties more equitably for English teams, football continues to change.

Earlier this season, the Premier League organizers announced a new way to split money. Accordingly, in previous seasons, 50% of domestic television royalties will be divided equally, 25% divided by performance, and 25% divided by the number of games aired. All foreign TV royalties are evenly distributed.

From the 2019-2020 season, the money in the domestic league will remain the same. But the foreign part must be divided by merit. This change ruined the former 1: 1.6 golden ratio, replacing it with a new ratio of about 1: 1.8. Roughly, jumping one step on the chart will bring in about 5 million pounds more. Jumping 4 steps earns an extra £ 20 million – enough to buy a star. That is not to mention that winning tickets to the European Cup brings even more benefits.