The combination between Pogba and Fernandes

On May 26, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes practiced for the first time. This is the time coach Ole Solskjaer should consider combining these two talented midfielders.
In the 2019/20 season, Pogba has only made eight appearances for United in all competitions. Ankle injuries caused him to be unable to contribute to the “Red Devils” from September 2019. In addition, rumors surrounding Pogba’s move to Real Madrid or Juventus have led many to believe the midfielder no longer wants to stick with Man United.

However, the contract between Pogba and Man United is still valid for up to a year. In addition, Solskjaer has repeatedly stated that Pogba is an important factor in the process of rebuilding United.

The postponement of the season due to the Covid-19 epidemic gave Pogba more time to get the most out of his fitness. When he returns, he can accompany his new team-mate Bruno Fernandes in midfield.

Not easy to reconcile
If separated individually, both are top midfielders. The talent of Pogba, the 2018 World Cup champion, has long been affirmed. Meanwhile, Fernandes shows a quick integration at Man United. He took the main kick and created his influence here.

However, Pogba and Fernandes have many similarities in play. They are both attacking midfielders, acting as box-to-box midfielders. This may prevent this combination.

“They are very similar players. Both are smart, can think of 3 steps before handling the ball. Sometimes the players are difficult to combine because there are many similarities,” Dimitar Berbatov, former money. United director commented on Pogba and Fernandes.

In the past, England have failed many times when they could not combine Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, two central midfielders with many similar qualities. At that time, they were all strange top midfielders in the world.
However, Solskjaer is completely optimistic about combining Pogba and Fernandes.

“Good players can play together. I am sure they will work well,” the Norwegian strategist said in early May.

In the latest training sessions of the “Red Devils”, he began to put Pogba and Fernandes together. Obviously, coach Solskjaer has the calculations to combine the two best midfielders that he owns.

Fernandes also expressed his eagerness to be with Pogba. Meanwhile, Luke Shaw shows positive signals from the duo.