The Three Lions: History of England national football team (part 1)

The England national football team, also known as The Three Lions, is the team of the British Football Association and represents England internationally.

The first international match football was played, in 1872, was also the debut of England along with Scotland. Born almost the earliest and obviously appreciated, England has a modest achievement compared to many of the world’s football giants. The team has been in the World Cup since 1950 and won the throne only once in 1966, in addition to being ranked fourth twice. At the continental level, England has not even won the cup, never even reached the final, stopping at the semi-finals of Euro in 1968 and 1996.

Due to being one of the four national football teams of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the England team has for a long time not participated in the Olympics. It was not until the 2012 Summer Olympics in London that for the first time there was a team representing the United Kingdom.

The England national football team is the oldest in the world, established at the same time as the Scottish football team. The match between England and Scotland took place on March 5, 1870 organized by FA. A friendly match was reorganized by the Scottish Football Team on November 30, 1872. This match, played at Crescent Hamilton in Scotland, was regarded as the first official international football match.

The English football team joined the World Football Federation in 1906 and played friendly against teams throughout Europe outside the UK in 1908. Wembley Stadium was opened in 1923 and became the stadium. team house. The relationship between the FA and FIFA became strained and the team left FIFA in 1928, before rejoining in 1946. As a result, England did not attend the World Cup until 1950.

In the 1966 World Cup in England, Alf Ramsey led England to a 4-2 victory, winning over West Germany after extra time in the final, in which Geoff Hurst scored a hat- trick. The England team qualified for the 1970 World Cup held in Mexico as the defending champion. The team reached the quarter-finals but was eliminated by West Germany. Although he was leading 2-0, he was eventually defeated 3-2 after extra time.