Things to look forward to in the last round of the Premier League

The championship belongs to Liverpool, but the race for the Top 4, the Europa League or relegation … promises to make the Premier League closing date will be particularly exciting.

The top 4 race is not over yet. Two of the four Champions League places will be a competition between Man Utd (63 points), Chelsea (63 points) and Leicester (62 points). Man Utd has the most advantage because they are third, but they have to face Leicester directly. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer teachers and students need at least one point during the trip to King Power Stadium to achieve the goal. That is all Chelsea needs to do, against tough opponent Wolves – who is ranked behind with 59 points.

Meanwhile, if you want to attend the Champions League, Leicester must defeat Man Utd. If not, they still certainly attend the Europa League because the goal difference is superior to Wolves.

Wolves are one point ahead of Tottenham. The two teams have the difference goal difference (Wolves +13, Tottenham +14). Both failed to finish the season under seventh place. But there is still a race between them for sixth place. Because, if defeating Chelsea to win the FA Cup, Arsenal will have the ability to attend the Europa League from the seventh-ranked team. In the final round, Tottenham marched to Crystal Palace.

The relegation battle is also fierce. Aston Villa escaped the red light group thanks to an Arsenal win, but it was not safe. Dean Smith’s students owned 34 points, with a difference of -26 goal difference. Watford also got 34 points but ranked 18th for losing the difference (-27). Bournemouth was 19th with 31 points and the difference was -27.

All three played away in the last round. Villa met West Ham, Watford met Arsenal, and Bournemouth faced Everton. In theory, the opponent of Aston Villa is the weakest and West Ham has also run out of targets. If Bournemouth wins, they can still make a last-minute escape in case two opponents only draw or lose. If Villa draw, Bournemouth need to win with at least two goals difference because they are scoring three goals behind their opponents. In the event that two teams have an equal difference, the number of goals is the next number to be considered.